The Mill isn’t just a place to get work done but to also meet professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. And probably no one knows that better than the owner of cybersecurity firm BlackBriar11, Candice Carter.

BlackBriar11’s work is something like out of spy and sci-fi movies, such as conducting classified counterintelligence research for the Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence Community. Currently, they’re focusing on Cybersecurity UAV ¬†on the use of drones to exploit LiDAR sensors, as well as contributing cybersecurity research to the NASA working group for Transformative Vertical Flight.

Candice lives and breathes security. Having gotten her start in Information Security at JPMC, she expanded her expertise with MS Cybersecurity Forensics and MS Cybersecurity Intelligence degrees and currently studies MS Cybersecurity UAV. Aside from her work at BlackBriar11, she also works at data and application solutions provider Imperva, and is the Program Chair for MS Cybersecurity at Wilmington University.

“I enjoy coming to The Mill to get out among people during my work day,” says Candice. She explains that in her line of work, one could work for days in front of the computer without realizing they’ve had little face-to-face human interaction.

Aside from meeting people, Candice also hosts out-of-town colleagues from Israel to California at The Mill. “There occasions when we unexpectedly need to physically meet, we grab a conference room at The Mill and WebEx to clients globally,” she says.

And what does she like to do in her free time? “I am often asked what I do for hobbies. Security is my hobby. It’s my passion!”

The Mill

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